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Performanta Services is characterised by a history of demonstrable successful implementations and optimised solutions across 5 Continents with a reach of over 1.2 million users.


Performanta Technologies invests in cutting-edge IT security technology to give our customers the edge in understanding the threats encountered across their security landscape.


Today’s Information Security Officer is required to simultaneously address a multitude of requirements, from regulatory compliance to risk operations, with everything in between.

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Blind defence – why we’re losing the cyber security war

Whether you’re the chief information security office (CISO) of a major corporation managing security technologies or leading a security team, you’re most likely very familiar with the objectives of your role. Protecting the company’s assets and ensuring its productivity. You are the wall that stands between the organisation and the adversary, whether it’s protecting from an external attacker that attempts … Read the rest

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Worm outbreak case study: Incident response in the business with Volatility

A few days ago, our team had to respond to a worm outbreak in one of our customer sites. The threat name was Sality which is a well known worm that started propagating back in 2003. The Sality worm spreads by infecting legitimate executable files and copying itself to different location on the local system and on network shares. In … Read the rest

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The urgent need for cyber security talent

This year, Verizon’s global data breach investigation report for 2015 found that in 60% of breaches attackers are able to compromise an organisation within minutes and assessed that the cost of 10,000 records is currently between $143,000-$223,000.

The reality is that the number of cyber security threats is continuously on the rise. The increase in basic and complex attacks on … Read the rest

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Managing the common risks in cyber security

Cybercrime is hitting epidemic proportions. 2015 has already seen a large increase in the volume of global cyber security incidents with the likes of Sony and AshleyMadison.com amongst the high profile victims. However, a recent PWC Global State of Information Security Survey found that despite the number of detected cyber-attacks increasing 66 per cent year on year since 2009, global … Read the rest

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Update: Kovter bot spreading over the weekend (again), bearing ‘toll debt’ notifications

The Kovter bot initiated another malicious spam run over the weekend (25th July 2015). The malicious emails spread early morning Saturday. This wave is another effort from the Kovter bot to expand in the past few weeks. In this round, the emails claimed to be an “Indebted for driving on toll road #XXXXXXXXX” where the X’s are random numbers. Alerting … Read the rest

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Kovter expanding bot through emails bearing ‘court notices’ – Performanta’s case study

On the weekend of the 11th of July some suspicious emails holding the subject of ‘Notice to Appear in Court’ were sent out to some of our key employees. The messages were allegedly originating from the ‘District Court’ and held a zipped attachment. Performanta Labs instigated some analysis and confirmed it was a threat. Following up with more rigorous analysis … Read the rest

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