Cyber Security Managed Services

Due to Performanta’ s extensive experience in CSMS (Cyber Security Managed Services), we understand that Security environments have different needs, and pride ourselves in our ability to accurately assess, meet and exceed these needs.

Performanta has extensive skills and experience in Managed Security Services, Cyber, Threat intelligence and threat analysis, therefore we also know first-hand that any threat or intelligence monitoring solution is only as good as the information it collects. Our combined experience can be show by;

  1. We currently monitor over 4000 number of logs
  2. We manage over 500 use cases
  3. We manage over a 1000 alerts per day
  4. We process over a million events per second
  5. We have 200 Certified Security Resources
  6. We have 6 global sites
  7. We provide services to over 350 customers
  8. We have been providing Security services for 12 years
  9. We manage over 200 security incidents per day
  10. We process 20 number of security incident root causes per day

The overarching service delivery model for our managed services are based on remote Management. The model provides support from our 24/7/365 remote Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), and our intelligence Cyber Threat centre, a proactive nerve center forming remote management.

Our Local center situated in Midrand Johannesburg, South Africa. Our CSOC is populated with a combined 80 years of Security experienced resources, appropriately certified across a range of varying technologies and cyber competencies.  On the back of our CSOC we have integration with FireEye as a Service (FaaS) and their global Facilities.

The combined mission of these teams:

  1. to detect advanced attackers compromising your company’s valuable information assets as early as possible and provide you with the situational context, tools, and support you need to respond.
  2. The team’s embodies a commitment to exceptional customer care combined with a wide range of skillsets, including network, endpoint, and event-monitoring threat detection specialists, forensic experts, malware and intelligence analysts, and incident responders.

Our Cyber Security Managed Services is designed to afford our customers the comfort in knowing that their Managed Security environment is well controlled and managed, allowing them to focus on executing their core business strategies around Information Security.