Good Governance plays a pivotal role to meet business objectives, mitigate reputation and financial risk and adhere to respective legislative, regulatory and statutory requirements. Performanta’s Risk and Compliance Services takes a vigilant approach on governance issues. We continually update our Knowledge Centre regarding the requirements and impact of respective Standards, Best Practices and legislations for different industries and design appropriate mitigation and treatment strategies to ensure necessary adherence.

Advisory Expertise

From an advisory capacity, Performanta follows strict protocols to ensure that we:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of your business.
  • Elicit and procure the most adequate, appropriate, and cost effective solution from our team of professionals that will:
    • Optimise business efficiencies through improved processes and solutions
    • Mitigate your overall residual risk exposure through effective treatment strategies
    • Monitor progress to confirm improved operational performance
    • Ensure on-going availability of our professionals as needed

Technical Expertise

The depth of Performanta’s technical competence is guaranteed to ensure that your business operates at optimal levels. Whether your requirements pertain to Data Loss Prevention, Vulnerability Management, Privileged Account Management, Proactive Forensics, Advance Threat analysis, Malware Protection, System Integration, Software Integration, or any other specialised IT Security Services, our dedicated technical professionals will ensure that your business gets the most appropriate solution aligned to meet the objectives of your IT Strategy.

Business Expertise

Our Professionals at Performanta are geared to extend business advice across your business platform from Strategic Direction to Business Process. In particular, we understand how Technology touches every sphere of your business be it Financial, HR, Operations, Marketing, Business Strategy or Board Level Initiatives. We embrace international best practices, standards (such as ITIL and ISO27000/1) and respective legislative requirements with business acumen to complement existing IT processes and strategies.

Management Expertise

At Performanta, our Lines of Business are seamless, yet autonomous. This structure allows each Business Unit to perform at optimal levels whilst at the same time extracting value and support from each other. During our client interfacing activities, our combined efforts positions Performanta to provide you with a Best-of Breed Service.

Managed Services

While many businesses have contracted with security services providers for staff augmentation or co-sourced security services, very few organisations have entrusted managed security services providers with a full outsource. The simple reason behind this trend is the lack of trust between the provider and the customer. Since its establishment Performanta has valued trust above all else and fully understands that trust is the result of a series of successful and mutually beneficial engagements between two parties that builds on the relationship and more importantly trust.  As a result of this Performanta has developed a service delivery methodology based on good practice to ensure that the customer has full visibility of the said services and deliverables.  In our constant strive towards service excellence Performanta has a proven track record within the area of service delivery.

Managed Security Service

Performanta has over the past 4 years established a solid foundation as a managed services provider. Performanta has assisted customers in a number of technical domains across various industries with the following service types:

  • Security Staff Augmentation
  • Co-Sourced Security Services
  • Managed Security Services (Full and partially outsourced engagements)

In response to the huge demand for Performanta’s service offering we have developed a framework focussed on the delivery of implementation and service related security services to the market.

The establishment of the framework allows Performanta to deliver services in any of the following domains, as a consultative, technical implementation and/or managed services:

  • Security Operations
  • Risk, Assurance and Compliance
  • Access, Authentication and Authorization
  • End Point Security
  • Network Security
  • Application Security
  • Data Security


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