HR ADVISORY: WannaCry: Securing Our World Together

HR ADVISORY: WannaCry: Securing Our World Together

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Securing Our World Together

Purpose:                    Recommended internal communication from our clients’ HR departments to all staff

Prepared by:             Performanta Human Capital

Date:                           15th May 2017

(Content below can be copied and pasted into an internal email to your employees:)

As you might have read over the weekend, on Friday 12 May the world faced its biggest cyber attack in the form of ransomware that is targeting computers running the Windows operating system. This has now affected hundreds of thousands of computers and is spreading.

The seriousness of this pandemic is that not only businesses were effected, but lives. A life-threatening heart operation was cancelled at the last minute in the UK, due to the hospital’s inability to match blood types should the patient require a blood transfusion during the operation.

The challenge that we are facing requires a renewed vigilance from us all. In order to protect our personal and work environments we need to make family, friends and colleagues aware of the dangers of potential phishing emails that contain a ZIP file. This attachment is there to entice the recipient to execute the ZIP file contents which can then open your environment to an “attack” that can compromise your data.

As highlighted, the seriousness of the current outbreak is that once opened, the virus not only effects the local machine but is now capable of spreading across personal and business networks.

Internal IT and specialized Cyber Security service providers alike are working hard to contain these attacks but from an organizational perspective it is a time for us all to work together in order to protect our environment.

Some areas that everyone within (our company) can immediately do are:

  1. Back Ups
    • Make sure that you back up your important computer files offline. Should you face an attack you will then be able to restore your important information.
    • Ensure that you are using the latest Windows operating system
    • Your anti-virus software needs to be updated.
  1. Email
    • Do not click on links or attachments that you receive from unknown sources
    • Macro based word documents (DOCM) from outside the organization can be extremely dangerous. Please do not accept these.
    • Do not open .html, .js, .vbs, wsh files from external sources, including inside compressed ZIP files
    • Be very careful of opening any email that looks unfamiliar to you, even though it might appear to come from a reliable source.
  1. Web Security
    • Changes in our web policies will more than likely be implemented and you might be blocked from accessing some sites. The reason for this is that domains with good reputations are being used as decoys in order to lure unsuspecting users.

On a global scale, we are indeed living in interesting and challenging times. Our concern is for you as our staff and believe that if we work together we can create an environment that protects our data integrity.