Introduction to Consulting


Digital information in the modern times is in constant motion across different locations, stored on different devices and expected to be constantly available and secure. Businesses today are required to simultaneously address a multitude of requirements to secure their information and assure its availability, from regulatory compliance to risk operations, and everything in between. At Performanta consulting, we believe that information security is one of the main pillars that supports a strong and stable business. Leveraging over a decade of experience and providing information security consultancy for leading enterprises within industries such as telecommunications, defense, agriculture, financial services, asset management and more, Performanta is setting a new standard for information security consulting.

Performanta’s mission is to enable organisations to secure their information and intellectual property from accidental leakage or theft by internal resources or cyber-attacks. In today’s world, where big data plays an important part in the organisational resource planning, it is important to get the organisation’s security priorities in line with international standards and the current threat landscape in order to achieve information protection that supports business productivity.

Our services include:

Performanta Consulting is comprised of senior and experienced security practitioners across multiple disciplines, utilising Performanta specific frameworks based upon a combination of best practice standards and hard-won experience at the coldface. Our strength lies in identifying the core areas of concern and tailoring a risk-based, cost effective solution which respectfully addresses the customer requirement.