Venafi Trust Protection Platform

Technology Category: Enterprise Key and Certificate Management

Cryptographic keys and digital certificates are the foundation of trust. Because companies rely on them to secure digital information and control access to intellectual property, these assets have become integral to everyday business operations in the data center, in the cloud, and on mobile devices. However, the very trust that keys and certificates establish has become a source of attack. Keys and certificates have quickly become one of cybercriminals’ preferred attack vectors. Since Stuxnet, misuse of keys and certificates has grown astronomically—1600% between Q1’12 and Q3’13 according to Intel Security. Forrester found 44% of all enterprises have already experienced attacks on keys and certificates and 60% can’t respond to such attacks within 24 hours.

Organizations blindly trust keys and certificates, and security solutions have limited visibility into encrypted traffic or how encryption keys and certificates are used within the enterprise. With limited visibility and the inability to respond to a key- or certificate-based attack, organizations are at increased risk of compromise.

For any organization, Venafi Trust Protection Platform secures and protects keys and certificates in the datacenter, on desktops, on mobile devices, and in the cloud. Trust Protection Platform increases your organization’s security posture by reducing your attack surface and enabling you to respond faster when your trust assets (keys and certificates) are compromised. Deployed as part of Venafi TrustAuthority and Venafi TrustForce, this platform provides native integration with thousands of applications and common APIs for the extensive security ecosystem. With a single interface for controlling the complete ecosystem, Trust Protection Platform is a formidable solution for remediating key and certificate vulnerabilities.

  • Gain visibility into your vulnerabilities and security gaps
  • Apply policies to ensure robust settings for cryptographic attributes
  • Achieve compliance full logging and monitoring capabilities
  • Automatically remediate key and certificate threats

About Venafi

Venafi is the market leading cybersecurity company in Next-Generation Trust Protection (NGTP). Venafi delivered the first trust protection platform to secure cryptographic keys and digital certificates that every business and government depend on for secure communications, commerce, computing, and mobility.


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